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Why us?

Here’s to a better mood, stronger relationships, and more happiness — for you and the people you love.

Daily Reminders

We’re your partner on your path to better moods and closer relationships. And it starts with daily reminders to help you connect with the important people in your life.

and Games

We’ll start with quizzes designed to help you understand what you’re looking for. And then we’ll dig a little deeper with more quizzes to help you foster better relationships.


Your situation is unique, but others have been in your shoes before. Our collection of articles featuring advice from experts can help point the path to something better.


This isn’t a set-it-and-forget it type deal. We’re always here for you. And it starts with weekly check-ins to find out how you’re doing. Once we understand the past and the present, we can paint a better future, together.

& Workshops

We’re not just here for you. We’re here to guide you. Take advantage of our therapy sessions and workshops to help you identify ways to improve, discover new abilities, improve your mood, and reach your goals — on your own or with your partner.


Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your significant other or spice things up, our sex therapists are here to help you improve your level of intimacy.

Wellness Playlists

Relax. Meditate. Or find a new groove in the bedroom. Whatever your goal, we have a Wellness Playlists to help improve your mood and discover something great.

Date Night
& Surprises

It's perfectly normal for things to feel a little boring and predictable. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Start with these date night ideas and other ways to make them smile.

Guided Meditations

Whether solo or with your significant other, we’ve got the ideal meditation for whatever you’re trying to achieve in the moment.

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3 powerful steps to find happiness


Take the Quiz

This is all about you. So let’s start by understanding who you are and what you need. Together, we’ll build a solution to help you get there.


Explore & Improve

Install the app on your phone and on your partner’s — all with one subscription. Then find new ways to strengthen and enhance your relationship together. From sex education to self-improvement sessions, from meditation to advice you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll discover something powerfully amazing.


See the Difference

You and your partner will get as much out of Hapify as you put in. Your level of happiness and what you can achieve is entirely in your hands. The more you use the app together, the more you’ll achieve, improve, and grow.

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Our Values


We always keep you at top of mind. This is about you, your partner, and your relationships. And because everyone is different, it’s important that we focus on you and your needs.


We want you to find happiness and improve your relationships, so we always do everything we can to help you along your way. We never lose sight of the fact this is about you.

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We aren’t merely a place to find improvement. We’re your partner in your quest for happiness. And that means always being by your side to help you find your way.


Your quest for happiness should make you smile from the beginning. So everything we do is easy to manage, navigate, and achieve.

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Other people think we are great because…

My wife and I started to feel less like husband and wife and more like roommates. Between work commitments, organizing the kids’ activities, and keeping up with the house, there just wasn’t time to focus on us. And we were slipping away from each other. Hapify really helpes us get back on track and understand how to find happiness again.

Well it’s official. We hit the 7-year itch. Like clockwork, my wife and I felt like we no longer connected. We were bored and showing signs that maybe marriage just wasn’t for us. Did we even love each other anymore? But neither of us wanted to call it quits. Hapify helped us understand that it wasn’t boredom. It was something deeper. And we were able to fix it.

I came to Hapify to help me discover peace and tranquility in my stressful life. What I found was insanely better sex with my husband. And that really helped our relationship overall.

My partner and I just weren’t communicating on the same wavelength. Maybe it was the pandemic. Maybe it was just that we’d been together for too long. Hapify help me get us back on track.

My partner and I both have trust issues from previous failed marriages. And we both kind of entered our current relationship knowing that it could end as poorly as our last one. But we didn’t want that. So we got Hapify. And now there’s no question about what the future holds. We will be together forever.

I’m single. I knew that before I could find happiness with someone else, I needed to improve myself and my non-romantic relationships with others. Hapify put me on the right path.

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One simple way to cloud nine

Couples who use Hapify for 2 months report a 52% improvement in their relationship.

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